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TEDxLeicester’s New website

Welcome back!  2020 sees TEDxLeicester enter its fifth year of serving Leiecesters communities: bringing together great minds and ideas to bring us all forward. It’s been […]

Meet our hosts

TEDxLeicester Women Conference – Bold and Brilliant Siddhi is director, curator and speaker coach for TEDxLeicester since 2016 and has organised 10 events in Leicester. She […]

Introducing TEDxLeicester Women Speakers

TEDxLeicester Women Conference – Bold and Brilliant After our sold-out TEDxLeicester: Fast Forward event in September this year, we are delighted to share that we are […]


Our volunteers at the Gateway Nextgen College are busy working behind the scenes and designing tote bags donated by Twycross Zoo. Hello everyone, we are back […]

My Volunteer Experience with TEDxLeicester

My name is Julius A. Akuffo and I recently completed a postgraduate degree in Digital Media and Society from the University of Leicester. As an international […]

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30 November 2019

Buy diclofenac suppositories

TEDxLeicester Women Conference – Bold and Brilliant After our sold-out TEDxLeicester: Fast Forward event in September this year, we are delighted to share that we are […]
25 November 2019
Inviting all Bold+Brilliant people to Leicester on 7 December 2019!

Clomid twins buy online

Our volunteers at the Gateway Nextgen College are busy working behind the scenes and designing tote bags donated by Twycross Zoo. Hello everyone, we are back […]
14 November 2019

Gateway College #RiseAbove with #TEDxLeicesterWomen #Bold + #Brilliant

Welcome to a series of articles written for TEDxLeicesterWomen 2019, event being hosted at Gateway College 7th December 2019, by students helping, organising and running TEDxLeicesterWomen […]