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TEDxLeicester’s New website

Welcome back!  2020 sees TEDxLeicester enter its fifth year of serving Leiecesters communities: bringing together great minds and ideas to bring us all forward. It’s been […]

Meet our hosts

TEDxLeicester Women Conference – Bold and Brilliant Siddhi is director, curator and speaker coach for TEDxLeicester since 2016 and has organised 10 events in Leicester. She […]

Introducing TEDxLeicester Women Speakers

TEDxLeicester Women Conference – Bold and Brilliant After our sold-out TEDxLeicester: Fast Forward event in September this year, we are delighted to share that we are […]


Our volunteers at the Gateway Nextgen College are busy working behind the scenes and designing tote bags donated by Twycross Zoo. Hello everyone, we are back […]

My Volunteer Experience with TEDxLeicester

My name is Julius A. Akuffo and I recently completed a postgraduate degree in Digital Media and Society from the University of Leicester. As an international […]

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