Salon Speakers Announced

TEDxLeicesterSalon: Changes

Speaker Announcement

We are delighted to announce our confirmed line-up of speakers for our next TEDxLeicester Salon, entitled Changes.  Taking place in the city centre on Wednesday 27th March 2019, Changes will take a closer look at the impact that art and creativity can have on our communities and our speakers will share their own ideas and vision for how to make this happen.  Creating positive impact for people and places through their work, Amahra, Sam and Akshay will give insight into their practice in the hope of inspiring you to collaborate and create positive change in your own way.

If you missed out on securing a place at this sold out session, do keep an eye out across our social media channels and this website for more information on how you can access the transcripts of the presentations.

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Amahra Spence

Amahra Spence is an artist and creative producer, invested in collectivism, new economics, equity and public service. In 2013, Amahra founded MAIA, a project management and consultancy company, building infrastructure and opportunities to support creativity sustainably. MAIA works include POC, a network for producers, organisers and artworkers of colour and Alternative Civics, a project for civic-minded creatives to explore strategies for social change. MAIA are currently establishing ABUELOS, a boutique hotel, cultural space and artist residence, reinvesting into local projects and people.
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Sam Topley

Sam Topley is a musician, maker and community artist from Leicester, UK. Her practice and research explores music, technology and textile handcrafts, such as knitting, crochet, embroidery and pompom making. She crafts bright and colourful sound art work, including giant pompom musical instruments, knitted or ‘yarnbombed’ loudspeakers and electronic instruments with interactive textile interfaces. Sam’s work has been performed, exhibited and presented worldwide. Her work stems from a background of electronic instrument making, within a DIY culture where artists craft, experiment and create with technology as a post-digital method of music making. Sam’s instruments are designed to be interactive and intuitive, seeking to create environments where music is made through the curiosity, imagination and idiosyncrasies of active participants. Her instruments are made with a broad socio-political intent, including through ‘craftivist’ workshops, where electronic textiles and DIY textile handcrafts are used as a vehicle to working with electronics and music technology. Sam is a doctoral researcher (PhD) at the Music, Technology and Innovation – Institute for Sonic Creativity (MTI2), De Montfort University, where she also lectures in experimental music technology and community arts practice.
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Akshay Sharma

Akshay, also known as Mr Shay, is a poet, producer and loop pedal artist from Leicester. He fell into the music scene after he was noticed creating live beats on a small stage, using his mouth as his instrument. Fusing beat-box and freestyle rap/poetry, Shay has performed at various festivals and shows around the UK. Behind the live stage, Shay produces his own music ranging from UK Hip Hop to Trap and regularly hosts local music events. His music is distinct with its uplifting sound and often touches on topics which relate to young people and the community. Through his social enterprise, The Underground Creatives, Shay offers community music projects to engage teenagers and young adults facing various social barriers.