Pride and Prejudice: TEDxLeicester Salon, in partnership with HMP Leicester

TEDxLeicester and HMP Leicester are combining efforts to produce a high quality TEDx Salon that will be unique for the UK. With this partnership we will develop a programme that involves inmates in the production, hosting and discussions taking place on the day, giving attendees an opportunity to engage with the Prison and its team in a meaningful way.

A day of talks and entertainment carefully curated to embody the theme of ‘Pride and Prejudice’, providing an opportunity to for the Prison team and attendees alike to open their minds to the possibilities of working closely with each other and supporting the rehabilitation and reintegration of inmates, back into the Leicester communities upon their release. The ethos of ‘Ideas Worth Spreading’ will be facilitated by thought-provoking speakers and entertainment and the subsequent opportunities to network and share ideas about how to respond to the points raised.

What the Partnership hopes to achieve as a result of this Salon:

  • To consolidate existing community partnerships, such as with De Montfort University, Leicester University and others, and to create new opportunities for wider and more holistic approaches to rehabilitation and reintegration
  • To challenge perceptions that the prison and its team exist as a peripheral figure, and to be viewed as part of the wider Leicester community; not just the place where you are sent for punitive reasons
  • To engender a more cohesive and ‘neighbourly’ approach to supporting inmates’ transition to life outside of prison, many of whom are local people who have lived in the area for a long time, and will continue to do so
  • To highlight to key members of Leicester’s businesses, charities and community leaders that re-offending is curbed in the communities in which ex-offenders reside, and that they therefore need to strategically align efforts. The Salon intends to start and develop those conversations
  • To open up the prison and to challenge prejudices that may exist and ‘bust the myths’ of prison life. This includes allowing staff and inmates to show their hidden talents
  • To foster a collaborative approach to producing responses to the major challenges faced by the Prison team and inmates, including the effects of mental health difficulties, substance misuse, lack of accommodation, employment etc.
  • To lay the foundations for future TEDxLeicester and HMP Leicester partnership and a possible return for further Salons, building on the work of this inaugural session. We anticipate that this will be the first TEDx Salon of its kind in the UK, inspired by other successful events around the globe, including the much publicised TEDxMarionCorrectional Salons

Whilst understanding the challenges raised by holding such an event, we believe that there is a fantastic opportunity to be trailblazers in the UK, developing work that is uniquely thought-provoking and inspiring.

This is an invite only TEDxLeicester Salon event.

The program is subject to change and amendment.

Access to the event shall be under the strict guidance of HMP Leicester all invited attendees must provide Photo ID.

No electronic devices shall be permitted into the establishment.

For further information contact